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Giới thiệu “The Depths of Hell” của Michael Do – Richard S. Botkin

Richard S. Botkin

Giới thiệu "The Depths of Hell" của Michael Do

Bìa sách “The Depths of Hell”

It is impossible to overstate how evil communism really is…

The more I study, the more I am able to interact with living victims of communism, the more apparent it becomes that it is not possible to overstate how evil communism is and its practitioners are. “The Depths of Hell” is essential reading for anyone interested in rounding out their understanding of the Vietnam War.

Michael Do writes with what I would call a tempered passion. For those of us native-born Americans it is nearly impossible to fathom the injustices and indignities heaped upon our South Vietnamese allies by the conquering invaders from North Vietnam, and yet Do recounts so much which is so far outside the experiences of even those who have seen war up close.

One passage quoting the man who went on to become Secretary-General of the VCP was particularly disturbing, but sums up what happened to our no-longer convenient former allies after the war: “We put them in prisons; we confiscate their houses; we sleep with their wives, and we make their children our slaves.” Read this book and learn just a bit about how precious freedom is…

January 4, 2018

Richard S. Botkin

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