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Fake House: Stories

Author: Đinh Linh


Fake House, the first collection of short stories by poet Linh Dinh, explores the weird, atrocious, fond, and ongoing intimacies between Vietnam and the United States.

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Tập Truyện



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From Publishers Weekly

Award-winning poet Dinh’s (Drunkard Boxing) hit-or-miss first collection of short stories examines postwar Vietnamese in the U.S. and in Vietnam. The 22 stories, often more memorable for their imagery than their plots, are narrated in the no-holds-barred, graphic language distinguishing the author’s poetry. The first half of this collection focuses on Vietnamese immigrants living in the U.S. In the title piece, Josh is a free-spirited ne’er-do-well visiting his successful younger brother (whom he nicknames “Boffo,” short for “Boffo Mofo”) in order to squeeze a few bucks out of him. Boffo tries to disparage Josh’s lifestyle, but can’t help secretly admiring his brother’s world, compared to his own shallow, American dream-like “Fake House.” Becky, “The Ugliest Girl,” is so plain that “Not counting the freaks, the harelips, the Down’s Syndromes, the ones with lye splashed on their face, born without a nose, an extra mouth, five ears, and so on, I am the ugliest girl.”

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Fake House: Stories