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Tác Giả

Dung A. Tran came to America in 1975 as a Vietnamese refugee. He earned a BA in Management Information Systems (MIS) and a Master of Management and Administration degree from Metropolitan State University. His career was in MIS, but his favorite hobby, for the last twenty years, has been writing stories and poems in the Vietnamese language under the pen name of Dao Anh Dung. His writings have been published in Vietnamese magazines such as Van Hoa Viet Nam (The Vietnamese Culture Magazine), Tap San Nghien Cuu Van Hoa Dong Nai & Cuu Long (The Journal of the Vietnamese Cultural Research Group), Tuan Bao Tre (The Youth Weekly Magazine) and Nguyet San Duc Me Hang Cuu Giup (Our Lady of Perpetual Help Magazine) in America, Europe, and Australia. This is his first short story book in English.

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